Sick Wackness

Marley has a cold (hardcore booger action) and I have a ear infection/cold/leprosy/the plague and now Bobby has a scratchy throat. The best thing is that Marley is waking up (the last two nights) and screaming in pain for hours at a time. It is hard to get her soothed and back to sleep because her nose is stuffed up and she cannot nurse comfortably... you know because she will suffocate. Ai ai ai

I procurred some ear drops for my ear infection so here is hoping that will improve.

Why's it gotta be black peppa fo?

Here is hoping the weather tomorrow is lovely and we can get our fanny collective outside.
Art Art Art Art Art Art Art Art Art Art

I want to see The Soloist right now.

Ultrasound update

Just an update. We had the appt today and they were able to get the pictures they needed via ultrasound and we did not have to have an MRI (Thank God). The ultrasound tech did not tell us much since she isn't a doctor but she said the doc would get in touch with us about the pix as soon as (s)he looked at them. She said "everything looks good" which in context I though sounded like she had gotten all the pix she needed and Bob took it as Marley's noggin looked good.

I know this sounds dumb but I watched while they did the ultrasound and I did not see any fluid (which in pregnancy ultrasounds look like black spots). Of course I only went to medical school for 0 years. :/ Anyways I think we are doing well and I will update again after I talk to the doctor. (copy and pasted from my forum post)



We know truth, not only by reason, but also by the heart. -Blaise Pascal

I have an ear infection. Ow.
Marley has to have an ultrasound on her fontanel to check for fluid on her brain.
Awesome day, fail.

Zoey & Josiah

Today we spent all day at Mt. Airy.  A big bunch of us gathered to throw frisbees, kick soccer balls, play with Littlest Pet Shops... and grill foods.

Trent's daughter Zoey is visiting for her spring break. Her little brother Josiah also came. She is basically a carbon copy of me when I was that age (except she does not have the huge horse teeth). Skinny stick girl with stringy hair who loves animals and doesnt quite get the people thing but loves to put on an act.

Well while the two kids, Marley & I were on the playground swings they are both talking my ears off about whatever topics pop into their heads at 900 words a minute. Football..  cheerleading... the devil... what the sky is made up of... Than they fall upon the topic of Trent. And Zoey says (in her very very clear LOUD kid's voice), "My dad has this computer game and he can win real money on it. He plays it a lot. Even though it is boring. He has 88 dollars on it!"

The other adults laugh and Trent gets to have a red face, only to be made worse as they go on to describe the cigar they found in his window box and how they threw it at a squirrel blah blah blah. Hilarious!

For those who are wondering about what the sky is made up of... According to Zoey... Heaven is white and the sky is blue and... and clouds are where people from Nigeria have taken bites out the sky and heaven is peaking through.

Or they may be roasted potato.


No one likes a braggart...

But I am just so happy I will take a moment out of my normal deliberately modest parenting style to say...

Marley won her second Picture Of the Week on my ivillage forum. So in 4 times competing she won twice! I am so lucky to have a beautiful daughter... even though this week's theme was "Funny Faces"... wait a second...

Her badges of honor made by a sister boardie:


To the park a lot, I have gone.

So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday I went to Mt. Airy and either frisbee golfed or walked the aerobics trails. It feels awesome to go outside! I will walk the trails everyday if I can, though I lost motivation yesterday because I returned my cheapy mp3 player because it kept playing my audiobooks out of order. :( If anyone has a unused mp3 player I'd like to borrow it, or buy it on the cheap.

We are going to the dog park today. Today is the first day of Bob's 4 day weekend :)

Oh and the other day I saw an owl being chased by a hawk, very cool! Oh and I saw a guy who loved woodpeckers, but I have been informed that that story is best told in person, so... no story for you. :D

Marley started army crawling forward yesterday at bible study.

Here is Marley's (first of two) St. Patty's day outfits. Till she pooped through it.