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22 March 2009 @ 11:22 pm
Zoey & Josiah  
Today we spent all day at Mt. Airy.  A big bunch of us gathered to throw frisbees, kick soccer balls, play with Littlest Pet Shops... and grill foods.

Trent's daughter Zoey is visiting for her spring break. Her little brother Josiah also came. She is basically a carbon copy of me when I was that age (except she does not have the huge horse teeth). Skinny stick girl with stringy hair who loves animals and doesnt quite get the people thing but loves to put on an act.

Well while the two kids, Marley & I were on the playground swings they are both talking my ears off about whatever topics pop into their heads at 900 words a minute. Football..  cheerleading... the devil... what the sky is made up of... Than they fall upon the topic of Trent. And Zoey says (in her very very clear LOUD kid's voice), "My dad has this computer game and he can win real money on it. He plays it a lot. Even though it is boring. He has 88 dollars on it!"

The other adults laugh and Trent gets to have a red face, only to be made worse as they go on to describe the cigar they found in his window box and how they threw it at a squirrel blah blah blah. Hilarious!

For those who are wondering about what the sky is made up of... According to Zoey... Heaven is white and the sky is blue and... and clouds are where people from Nigeria have taken bites out the sky and heaven is peaking through.

Or they may be roasted potato.

(Anonymous) on March 27th, 2009 10:26 am (UTC)
I enjoyed reading about your day with Zoe and Josiah. She is a chatterbox isn't she? I spoke to her on the phone while she was visiting Trent and really - she spoke to me - nonstop for 30 minutes. She told me how she saved her Labrador Retriever, Miles from the swimming pool when he fell in and got stuck in the cover - according to her it was a good thing she was in her tree house doing yoga(!!??) so she could hear him and rescue him. Oh and the big fish sandwich her Dad bought for her made her dizzy cuz it was greasy!

Again - thanks - She is a very bright kid with an amazing imagination, no?

Zoe's Gramma (and Trent's Mom)